Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

Oi Família,

Man does time just run away! But here are some highlights of this week:

Typical lunch here in brazil: Pasta, rice, potatoe salad, and chicken.

This week I ate watermelon peel. (a dessert they make with a load of sugar

It is so hot the Book of Mormon cover melts on my clothes! now I have a lot
of pretty blue stains ;)

Our greatest tool against Satan is our AGENCY. We are the ones who make our own choices, he can´t do that for us.

I was able to use the little sign language that I learned here on the mission!
Talked to a deaf man, and he was so thrilled that i knew how to talk a bit
with him!

This week was a week of tests. It seemed like just about everything was
going wrong. Here is an idea:  black beans spilt all over my skirt,
umblella broke, my companion got gum all over the top of her shoes, and
when she tried rubbing it off on a pole, she got yellow paint all over her,
a nice member offered us a ride and her car broke down in the middle of
nowhere, umbrella broke, walking 14 miles in 1 day, lost.

It felt like literally everything was planned to be horrible! One day we
even said a prayer to ask for help for our day to be better, ended the
prayer, and I opened up my selter water to have it expload all over our
Let´s just say it was a week of trailing our faith. Thankful that Sister
and I didn´t let it get to us. We continued on, and even made a point of
laughing about all that was going on.
We made the choice to be happy with what was happening, instead of
being distraught. 

I am so greatful for the Savior that helped us endure, and have hope to see
the light at the end of the tunnel.
I have such a strong testimony that when we continue on through the rough
times, the blessings come. We have been so blessed her in campo bom.
Finally we will have a wedding On Feb 10th!!! and many other baptisms are
on their way....!


Sister Hannah 

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